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Why Do Industries Require a Valid RSA and Where Can I Find RSA Courses Online?

Serving alcohol to the public requires professionalism and a certain amount of knowledge that you can only get from RSA Courses online from Eclipse Online Education. While the exact requirements vary from state to state, the reason industries require a valid RSA remains the same. The standard is meant to protect the health of consumers.

Once you take one of the many RSA courses online, or locally, you’ll gain insight into how you can help keep people safe. As a server or bartender, you may be approached by underage drinkers who do not know how to control themselves once intoxicated. It will be your duty to check their ID ahead of time, to prevent them from consuming alcohol. Additionally, once legal patrons become intoxicated, your course will have taught you how to handle them and when to stop serving them altogether. By taking one of the reputable RSA courses online from Eclipse Online Education, you’ll be more confident you’re doing the right thing when serving alcohol.